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You made it. After clawing your way through the muck of the discovery step and piecing together vague, colorless pieces of the money puzzle, you finally earned the right to a decision. You thought.

Welcome to Buyer’s Hell. Buyer’s Hell is the place where life is sucked out of you. A bottomless pit of excuse making, unreturned phone calls and discarded emails. And when the buyer finally answers your call, you hear an oft rehearsed, “Oh, sorry, have you been trying to reach me? Well, you know we’ve been very busy with…blah, blah, blah.”

The décor of the Decision Suite has changed. All colors have been removed and what you’ll see is black and white – price and service. Unless. Unless you look for the color and more importantly, the patterns. More than ever the cast of colorful characters, each with distinct patterns, wreaks havoc on the naïve sales brain. More than ever, your key performance indicator has become your ability to put together the flow chart and pattern of decision making and get them on the same buying page.

Navigating the trappings of Buyer’s Hell is the stuff of survivors. Today you must be able to outwit, outplay and outlast the competition internally as well as externally. Pursuing a target account or growing current business requires a skilled navigator, one who can enlist the support of a wide range of personalities in the Decision Suite.

A trusted advisor roams the hall of a client as if a fulltime member of the Decision Suite. Vendors are greeted warmly at the gates of Buyer’s Hell.

At Sandler Training Trustpointe we help our clients navigate the critical pursuit. To learn more about vague, colorless puzzle pieces, bottomless pits and unique buying patterns, contact Tim Roberts at 317-845-0041 or

I saw Satan laughing with delight…

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