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Strategic Customer Care

Sales Without Customer Service is Like Stuffing Money Into a Pocket Full of Holes


Is your company suffering from hidden customer care deficiencies?

  • 81% of CEO's say they are delivering a good customer experience and only 8% of customers agree.
  • For every customer complaint, 26 remain silent, so unsatisfied customers are not uncovered until it's too late.
  • Do your front line, customer facing staff lack the questioning and qualifying skills to get to the heart of the prospect's/customer’s needs?
  • 100% of your customers are on your competitors prospects list.

Customer Care is paramount to the success of your business.

Customer care isn't a department it's an attitude. Many good companies still struggle with internal customer service, managing client expectations, dealing with difficult situations effectively, proactively retaining, engaging, and expanding client relationships. The difference between good and great customer care could mean millions. Great customer care not only means higher client retention but also higher employee satisfaction. What if you could improve retention in all areas?

Topics Include

- Strengthening the handoff from sales to service
- Creating a common language between departments
- How to manage expectations of customers and colleagues
- How to effectively deal with difficult people/situations
- Proactive client retention, engagement, and expansion
- Becoming a strategic problem solver
- Effective internal and external communication
- How to diminish internal drama and take personal ownership

Who Should Attend

Customer-facing employees:

     - Customer Service
     - Inside Sales
     - Project Managers
     - Engineers
     - Account Managers
     - Technicians, etc.

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