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by Tim Roberts

The date was easy enough. I was asked out by Sales and it seemed a fairly decent fit. Harmless, really. No rules, no “shoulds,” lots of independence, plenty of “I love yous” if I did well and no beratings if I didn’t live up to potential. Didn’t seem like a bad date at all.

My dating life with Sales sauntered on without purpose or passion for 18 years. Then, a cutie named Why showed up. I fell for her instantly. She knew Sales well, yet knew there was more to life than just that. She didn’t take my heart; she wished to do nothing more than fill it--with incredible passion, overwhelming purpose and a monk’s sense of discipline.

Why actually proposed to me. She gently suggested that I fully discover her meaning first. And once I  discovered her meaning every other action henceforth would be easy. “Know Why” she said, “and you’ll forever enjoy the beauty of each moment.” I blushed, I tell you, and squeezed her hand.

“There’s more,” she said. “You must know first that if you say yes, my pet Discipline comes with me. Discipline is always at my side and for us to join together you must accept Discipline, too.”

This June marks the 15th year I have been married to Why and Discipline. Knowing Why and always having Discipline at my side have made all the difference in my life and sales career.

At Sandler Training, Trustpointe, we help our clients find their “Why” every day. Discipline? You’ll have to bring that with you. To learn more about choosing the perfect fit, contact Tim at 317-845-0041 or email

Hey! She’s got sisters…


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