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by Tim Roberts

Please forgive the forthcoming shameless self-promoting moment…but I gotta get my needs met! Well, not mine, but for the Sandler Training home office. Kudos go to them.
 It was just announced that Sandler hit, again, #1 on Amazon’s bestselling business book list with SANDLER® SUCCESS PRINCIPLES: 11 INSIGHTS that will change the way you THINK and SELL. It’s the companion book to our last bestseller, The Sandler Rules.
The book is designed to heighten your sales self-awareness. Should you choose to play at a higher level, this book will help you discover the little known, direct connection between your thoughts and successes. You’ll learn why strategies and techniques play a secondary role to your attitudes and beliefs, fears and scares, perception of possibility, and most importantly, self-image, which are all critical elements of success. It helps you recognize your own sales head trash, the messages you are telling yourself that keep you from achieving more.

Perhaps a better way to tell you of the book would be to take me out of the equation and let you read what others from around the world and country are saying about it. Doing so will lessen my need to be a self-promoter!

The best book I have read covering the subject of professional selling, providing a clear, rationale and systematic approach--not simply the conceptual.”

— Rob Howard, Director, Sales and Marketing
Norgren Europe, European Fluid Controls, FAS Group

“Sandler Success Principles is another great example why Sandler Training is simply the best in developing sales professionals and executives. It offers powerful and practical insights that will make you clearly more successful.”

— Markku Kauppinen, CEO
Extended DISC North America, Inc.

“Sandler Success Principles reinforced my belief that it is unquestionably the most effective system for developing the necessary skill set for success in any negotiation.”

— Perry S. Fong, Senior Vice President
RBC Wealth management

“If you want your career in sales to be both more productive and enjoyable, read this book to gain excellent insight into what makes sales people successful.”

— Kevin McGeeny, CEO StarSupply Commodity Brokers
Geneva and Chicago

At Sandler Training, Trustpointe, we help our clients eliminate sales head trash. To learn more about what to do with that trash, contact Tim Roberts at or 317.845.0041.

Got head trash?

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