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by Tim Roberts

Most of us have gone through those awkward teenage years they call growing pains. Cursed with self-awareness, a bad case of acne and an emerging attitude that keeps the world guessing, we move through a stage of life that can have us conforming, rebelling, or blindly ricocheting between those two extremes. A frustrating time, it's actually just a phase where "unsure" rules the day. Our painful, awkward years actually motivate us to find ourselves more quickly.

Danged if business doesn't experience the same growing pains. Unsure how to proceed, we take stabs at conforming, rebel and go it alone, or try both hoping that a pattern will emerge rendering a clear direction. The associated stress is akin to the zit on your nose the morning of prom. But it's not all in vain. Pain actually motivates us towards action.

Pain can tell you what needs attention. Like a dull, throbbing headache, pain appears for a reason. It's a clear signal of dysfunction, somewhere. Sometimes the signal is a demand for immediate action and sometimes it's just an indicator to keep an eye on.

Without pain, businesses would never seek better solutions, find trusted advisors or achieve greater rewards.  Without pain, you or your salespeople wouldn't have to worry about healthy profits, delicious commission checks or, heaven forbid, winning.

Trusted advisors are good at finding pain and more importantly, good at determining its depth.Traditional salespeople? Not so much.

Uncovering pain should be your key performance indicator. Pain is the single thing that allows you to create value and build trust with prospects and clients. More so, it's the one thing that makes you feel valuable. It gives you significance and your job meaning.

At Sandler Training, Trustpointe, we believe pain is a necessary good. To learn more about using your customer's pain to deliver stellar results, contact Tim Roberts at or call 317.845.0041.

Got pain?

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