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If you manage salespeople, you’ve got a lonely gig. Sales managers often find themselves staring at a C-suite bazooka loaded with charges of slow growth, lower-than-expected margins, and incredulous looks of “Do you even know what you’re doing?”

If you mange salespeople, you’ve got a lonely gig. Once the C-suite bazooka is lowered, you’re expected to walk into the sales war room, with a big smile as if all is well, and inspire the team to get in the game. Of course your team thinks – more often than you care to admit – “Does he even know what he’s doing?” Or, worse, “She does this once a month, don’t worry, it’ll go away soon and we can return to mediocrity shortly.”

If you manage salespeople, you’ve got a lonely gig. So who do you go to dump the burden? Who do you run with, collaborate with and grow with that makes you best-in-class leader?

Better to Imitate Genius Than Invent Mediocrity

Where did you learn your management craft? Who gives you the best practices that you take back to your team to put in place? Have you ever wondered what other managers do when…?

I Wonder If You Knew That

Here at Sandler© we are host to a best-in-class group of sales leaders and managers? We meet once-a-month and challenge each other to, well, think. The group challenges, shares, measures and contributes each member’s trials and tribulations as they work to improve performance.

Our group discusses the difference between leading, coaching, supervising and mentoring. We talk sales-improvement behaviors, attitudes and techniques. We help each other reinforce the Sandler methodology so that everyone talks the same sales language. We’re a group committed to conquest in the marketplace. Not a bad thing at all, eh?

At Sandler Training Trustpointe we help our clients build and maintain performance cultures. To learn more about loaded bazookas, mediocrity whiplash, and imitating genius contact Mike Hill at 317-845-0041 or

“I feel so lonely way up here.” (The Motels)

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