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by Tim Roberts

Mark Mattison-Shupnick is consumed with helping people see better. A member of the Optometry Hall of Fame (yes, there is such a thing), this unique craftsman knows eyesight is sacred. He has spent a lifetime shaping, measuring and creating lenses that make people say, "Wow, I have never seen things so clearly in my life!"

It's a world of angles for Mark. Whether you look up, down or all around, he's focused on making sure that whatever angle you look from is sharp. Mark believes that it should make no difference which pair of glasses, sunglasses, or contact lenses you're wearing, the view should be the same. He shares his craft with optometrists all over the world.

Trusted advisors are a lot like lens makers---they help people see things more clearly and from different angles. Sometimes trusted advisors must reach out to their clients, tap them on their glasses and ask, "Why do you see it that way?" The advisors' role is often to help clients see things differently than they currently do. That's typically a task of re-wiring deep-seated beliefs and it's heady stuff. But it creates new results.

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I see you.

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