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Tim Roberts, Principal of Sandler Training Trustpointe Honored With 2019 David H. Sandler Award
Award Is Highest Among Sandler Training Franchises

Indianapolis, IN (APRIL, 2019) – Sandler Training Trustpointe principal, Tim Roberts, was recently named as the 2019 recipient of the prestigious David H. Sandler Award at the Sandler Training Sales and Leadership Summit in Orlando, Florida.

Named after the company’s founder and viewed as the highest service and achievement award of the Sandler Training organization, only one award is given each year and is just the 16th such award in the history of Sandler Training. In addition to recognizing superior achievements in business and training, the award focuses on those who have shown exemplary service to the Sandler organization and community.

“The David H. Sandler Award is given each year to a Sandler trainer who is not only successful in his or her training business, but who exemplifies the qualities David Sandler sought to develop and cultivate through his revolutionary sales training methodology: respect, professionalism, and passion for one’s work. Tim Roberts lives by those same principles,” said Dave Mattson, President, and CEO of Sandler Training.

Tim Roberts has been in the sales industry for 30 years and training with Sandler for nearly 21 years. Sandler Training Trustpointe is a top performing licensed training center and trains companies of all sizes in the Indianapolis, IN region, helping them reach their full potential, exceed expectations and continue to grow.

For more information about Tim Roberts and Sandler Training Trustpointe, please call 317-845-0041 or email: 

About Sandler Training
Founded in 1967, Sandler Training is the largest provider of sales, leadership and customer service training in the world, serving businesses of all sizes with short- and long-term programs that offer continuous coaching, reinforcement, and support for sales professionals. This novel philosophy of “reinforcement training” was developed by David Sandler, considered one of the most innovative sales trainers in America.

About Sandler Training Trustpointe
Sandler Training Trustpointe, of Indianapolis, IN, specializes in the coaching, counseling, and support of business owners, managers and salespeople from a wide range of industries in reaching and extending their sales goals. Trustpointe is an authorized Sandler Training Center.

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