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Why Traditional Sales Training Is Out and Collaborative Learning Is In

Let's face it, stuffy classrooms and 2-day PowerPoint marathons never really worked, but now they just feel like yesterday's news. Adult learners, especially sales pros, are the rebellious teenagers of the corporate world. They don't want to be talked at; they want to carve their own path. Imagine exchanging that classic lecture set-up for a dynamic roundtable, where insights are volleyed back and forth with your team and a certified Sandler coach who has facilitated hundreds of these discussions and can lead the learning. Think of this learning approach like a great dinner party—everyone brings something to the table and the Sandler coach is your host bringing it all together.

Collaborative learning aligns perfectly with the modern adult learners who crave autonomy and bring invaluable expertise and customer experiences to the sessions. The rise of collaborative learning has brought the next evolution of the Sandler Selling System, and we are excited to introduce it through a more dynamic and interactive learning environment we call the Sales Development Series.  

Beyond the Script: Sandler’s Secret Sauce for Empowering Sales Teams

Sandler's approach isn’t about cramming facts but igniting curiosity. Picture this: Instead of a monologue on sales techniques and pre-written scripts in a workbook, you’re solving problems and applying new ideas in real-world scenarios. You discover the answers and do the work in the session. It’s like the difference between reading a cooking recipe and actually getting messy in the kitchen. You're not just absorbing information; you’re making it a part of your DNA.

Gamification techniques, role-playing exercises, and even dissecting real-life case studies can add some serious spice to this recipe as well. Role playing and other demonstration exercises are the key to unlocking real learning, like cooking along with a master chef. They challenge us while keeping our energy levels up. They allow for valuable feedback and provide experiences that moved the concepts from theory to reality. In our new Sales Development series, we leverage technology and tools like pre-call planners, manager review guides and playbooks to extend the learning outside of the classroom and into the real world.  

The Next Evolution of Sales Intelligence

At Sandler, we're not in the business of hoarding secrets. Like a great meal, sales success is sweetest when shared. By pooling knowledge within teams and between our network for coaches and clients, we’re focused on raising the entire sales profession. We host additional events like the Sandler Summit, Virtual Summit, and online collaborative sessions, where the best in the business come together to raise their game, share best practices, and learn from others.

We hope to foster a culture of constant learning and inspire the next evolution of sales intelligence. Collaborative learning is more than a buzzword; it’s a methodology to empower sales performance. Just like David Sandler revolutionized the sales call with the Sandler Selling System, the active and engaging learning style in the Sales Development Series is fast replacing stale, one-sided lectures and the traditional sales kickoffs. By embracing this innovative approach, we're not just leveling up individuals; we’re boosting the collective skill set of your entire sales team, and hopefully, how the world sees the modern seller.  


Click here to watch "How to Succeed at Collaborative Learning" with Sandler’s Head of Product, Lisa Ellis:


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