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Trustpointe, Inc. | Indianapolis, IN

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The first phase of intense immersion into the Sandler philosophy and language.

The Sandler Sales System

Accelerate Your Sales Growth

  • Achieve lasting sales growth by implementing a formula for systematic selling
  • Conduct transparent conversations around money and urgency
  • Prospect in a manner that is ethical and professional, where both parties are comfortable
  • Discover your prospects’ hidden reasons to do business with you
  • Communicate knowledge effectively without providing “unpaid consulting” or bids too soon
  • Manage your prospects’ decision-making process to be more effective at closing sales
  • Reduce dependence on “lowest price” to close the sale...and more!

Program Details

This one-day program will set the stage and introduce the Sandler Sales framework. 

Session 1: Reading the Situation

Discover the power of the seven-step Sandler Selling System and overlay it on your current sales approach to develop a common process and sales language for your team.

Establish Rapport & Trust with the Prospect. Learn easy-to-follow frameworks to better understand yourself and others and how to communicate more effectively with prospects, clients, and internal team members.

Session 2: Gaining Agreement

Take control of the sales process from the very beginning by establishing an agenda and mutually beneficial guidelines for productive conversations.

Identify your ideal client and the right mix of prospecting activities to find them, and then craft a compelling 30-second commercial to ensure a predictable and sustainable sales funnel.