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EXECUTIVE Sales Management

Your job is not to sell; it is to direct, coach, and train others to do the selling.

Lead Your Team to Success

Are you...

  • Frustrated by having the same conversations over and over again without seeing any results?
  • Troubled by the lack of ownership, inconsistent behaviors and poor performance with your team?
  • Feeling hindered by the time and energy expended fixing problems your team encounters and creates?
  • Exasperated by losing another promising new hire after significant investment in resources?

Who is this program for?

B2B Sales leaders with a minimum of five direct business development reports


WIIFY - What's in it for you?

- Common sales language for pre-call and post-call debriefing
- Collaborative, Sales Manager Only peer group forum
- The latest research, books, resources, and tools for developing high performers
- Assessment tools for hiring and determining bench strength
- 24/7 access to Sandler Online for Sales Management
- 1:1 Coaching—One client said, “They’re the guiding voice that makes me the hero.”
- Access to the Sandler Research Center

Program Highlights

Interest or Excitement

Does your team have 'happy ears'? Learn to qualify even the trickiest of opportunities by using a proven qualification method rooted in one principle: find the truth.

Managing by Curiosity

Do you create a culture of curiosity amongst your team? Best-in-class sales managers curate an environment where the fear is not to ask questions but to remain silent. Discover how to design an environment sure to increase innovation, deepen problem-solving skills, and raise the bar for performance.

Coaching with Intentionality

There are 4 critical management you know when to perform each one? Develop a winning coaching strategy for your team and practice the coaching techniques to support it.

Communicating for Results

Move beyond the basics of communication and focus equally on what you say as much as what you don’t say.


Ever been accused of being a 'micromanager'? Effective team engagement strategies and efficient time management techniques take center stage.

Building Bench Strength

How comfortable are you knowing your team performance is a direct reflection of you? Study how to recruit, interview, hire, and onboard talent that will take your business unit to the next level.

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