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by Amy Woodall

Customer service has been a hot-button topic over the last few weeks. Let’s be honest, a lot of companies down right suck at customer service.  They make it all about their agenda, rather than the customer. No rapport, no trust, no bueno. One adage always comes to mind “Make one customer happy and they’ll tell five friends; tick them off and they’ll tell everyone they know.” 

Many years ago my family experienced a house fire. As a sophomore in high school it had been the single most devastating event in my 16 years of life. Our emotions were high, no doubt about it. I will never forget a small silver car making its way down our long winding driveway with the words “State Farm” on the side.  While the firemen were still dousing the flames, our insurance agent had driven 45 minutes to come to our aid. I didn’t recognize him. He wasn’t a family friend, just an agent with hundreds of other clients. He explained that he had called his secretary to get messages and when he heard the news, he jumped in his car and drove directly to us. In his haste he had forgotten the company checkbook. Our agent proceeded to write a check out of his own personal bank account, and handed over all the cash he had in his wallet.  He gave more than was necessary and he did more than was expected. We were blown away.  At 16 I knew little about insurance, but the significance was not lost on me. In that moment I became a loyal client long before I was old enough to be a buyer.

Most companies don’t experience the drama of hellfire and brimstone when working with clients, but is it fair to say there are moments when emotions run high? When customers are vulnerable and loyalty may be wavering? It is your job to make sure your team is equipped to come to the rescue.  

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. -Maya Angelou

At Sandler Training, Trustpointe we teach our clients how to make customer service skills magical. To learn more about devastated sophomores, fire-breathing dragons and becoming a hero, contact Amy Woodall at 317-845-0041 or

It’s getting hot in here.

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