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by Tim Roberts

Have you ever walked away from a business acquaintance and thought, "I don't know what it is about Bob, I just like it when he's around."

The “magic” Bob possesses is not really magic at all. Perhaps it’s a bit of psychology, but not magic. The key is his knowledge of how relationships work and how intimacy is nurtured. That thing he does is called validation and he understands its power.

To be sure, all business relationships--as well as personal ones--are first made of security. That is, people want to be secure or free from shame and humiliation. Secondly, they want to be accepted for who they are without judgment. But the biggie, the workhorse, is validation. More than anything, people want you to validate their words and thoughts before you jump to yourself or your story. This is especially true in business, generally and selling, specifically.

Here’s the rule: If you can't validate people at home, you won't at work either.

At Sandler Training, Trustpointe, we validate our clients and teach them how to do the same. To learn more about employing a workhorse and nurturing intimacy contact Tim Roberts at 317.845.0041 or

No pixie dust here, just real live human stuff.

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