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The ear-piercing shriek grabbed the guard’s attention. The would-be bank robber grabbed the shrieking victim and yelled, “Nobody move, nobody makes a sound.” Like clockwork, the robber’s two accomplices began to move quickly toward the vault. The bank’s lone guard stood breathlessly still as his mind raced. “Do something, do something, do something,” his mind raced to search for the right first action.

What does he do? What would you do? Quick! You have only seconds! What would you do? Answer the question. Now!

Excuse me. I get it. We’re only salespeople, and our daily business encounters aren’t traditional stick-ups. At least not with weapons, right? šŸ˜Š

Knowing what to do when in a selling situation separates the black belts from the amateurs. Best-in-class businesspeople (that’s what a salesperson is), practice a wide-range of tactics and techniques from the mundane to the must-be-alert moments of selling. Consider these situations:

• “We’re happy with our current supplier.”
• “I’m interested.”
• “Why is your company any different?”
• “Wow! You're nearly twice as expensive as your competition.”
• “I can get this cheaper.”
• “Well, let me get with the other department heads and see what they think.”
• “Thank you. Your proposal looks good. Call me back in a couple of weeks.”
• “I like your proposal. It’s down to two bids. Sharpen your pencil a bit and I think we can make it happen.”
• “The first-phase training is free, right?”
• “We’re going to start slow, but you’ll be getting a lot of business from us. So shoot us the price that reflects the whole enchilada.”

What do you do when? Sales training, while not for everyone by any stretch, builds skill, creates confidence, and pays dividends. Sales training is simply about possessing a growth mindset, wanting to contribute to the good of your business plan and that of your customers, and having a strong desire to be the best-of-the-best.

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