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Trustpointe, Inc. | Indianapolis, IN

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN, April 2019 – Sandler Training by Trustpointe of Indianapolis, IN an international training organization dedicated to improving sales and management skills, has hired David Inman as their newest Sales Trainer.

David will work with business owners, CEO’s and Presidents who are looking to improve the skill level of their sales and management staff. From his experience starting as a door-to-door salesman and eventually working to B2B consulting, Inman understands the importance of maintaining both profitable sales while offering the highest level of customer service to every client of Sandler Training of Indianapolis, IN.

“We are thrilled to have David join the Sandler Training by Trustpointe team,” Tim Roberts, Principal of Sandler Training by Trustpointe said. “His unique background in sales will bring a new life to our organization. It is an honor to have someone who served our country join the team.”

After years of working in the sales industry, Inman decided to make a vast career change and serve his country as a member of the US Air Force. Inman honorably served as an Air Force Mental Health technician for four years. He is now ready to bring his extensive knowledge in sales, business and military psychology to the Trustpointe team.

About Sandler Training by Trustpointe
Sandler Training by Trustpointe is an award-winning authorized licensee of Sandler Training located in Indianapolis, IN and is dedicated to the success of their clients. They focus on three key areas—attitude, behavior, and technique—the Sandler Training method is a comprehensive plan that provides the knowledge and support needed to implement real change over time.

About Sandler Training
Sandler Training is an international training organization dedicated to improving sales management skills. Founded in 1967, it now has over 250 trainers and consultants throughout the USA and Canada, as well as overseas. It serves businesses of all sizes with short- and long-term programs that offer continuous coaching, counseling, and support for sales professionals. This novel philosophy of “reinforcement training,” developed by David Sandler, is considered one of the most innovative sales trainers in America.

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