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I like books; a complete sucker for hardback books if truth be told. Never read much growing up; a classic 2.67 guy from college – higher EQ than IQ. Life changed when I got to choose.
A chunk of the value I bring now can be found in the books I share. Not literally, here’s my book, enjoy, but the sharing of a book’s content. Sometimes it may be one chapter or one key paragraph, but I always find value within, and that one piece of value might end up a significant share.
The pandemic’s silver lining for me has been book time. Since I am asked a lot, “What are you reading these days,” it behooves me to share the ones that grabbed me in 2020 and may well bring you value in 2021. A fresh new year brings a time for re-imagining, dreaming big, challenging your current mindset, and just good old fashion pondering. I hope that one of these shares will be a catalyst for new results.
 Throughout the year, I’ll offer themes on personal growth, organizational excellence, selling (of course), and what I call blind-spot psychology. My theme for this share will be NEGOTIATION. While our Sandler Selling System mitigates the need for many negotiated moments, the need for negotiation training remains large. Too many businesses, small to mid-size companies, are vulnerable, hostage, to black belt negotiators.

I hope you will complete the form below and download my 2021 Negotiation Book List. 

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