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Trustpointe, Inc. | Indianapolis, IN

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The Trustpointe Team

Trusted Advisors since 1998

Tim Roberts

Tim Roberts - Sales Forensics

Ah, the anatomy of a sales call. My passion is the role of sales guide. I love to explore the unique nuances of sales behaviors. Think people, psychology, and the raw dynamics of business-to-business communications. Curious as the day is long, being a facilitator of the buyer’s truth is my unfair advantage. For my clients, success is the metric, and metrics are often the unseen heroes. A good old magnifying glass helps teams build the metrics and evidence necessary for business success.

A voracious reader and committed to process, Tim Roberts elevates his trustees to believe in their equal business stature.

Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts - The Coach's Coach

Muscle memory. Whether taking the stage with my saxophone, or developing Sandler jedi’s, I’ve always danced with the idea “do it again, do it again.” I like being the master of my craft and don’t do well with mediocrity. Like finding the rhythm of the band with my sax, I like to help sales organizations build rhythm, cadence, talk tracks, and tapping toes – just because it feels so damn good! If you’re the type that likes hitting the high notes with your sales team, let’s talk!


A long time Sandler student, Chris leads by example facilitating the move beyond mediocrity to best-in-class performance.

Jenn Wilkinson – Rocking Your Experience

I like to be a friendly force to reckon with. I like using the creative side of my brain to drive a best-in-class experience for our clients. I use the analytical side as an administrative professional who wants everything you touch in our learning experience to be meaningful and productive – for YOUR success. I’ve learned that while our experts here rock the house, I seek to make the organizational wheel turn. I’m a thought-provoking, list-making, box-checking, calendar addict that keeps time moving smoothly forward.  

Jenn Wilkinson

Emma Westlake

Emma Westlake final

Emma Westlake - The Hunter

In the fast-paced world of sales, I excel both as a collaborative teammate and a driven hunter. As an SDR, I proactively pursue new business opportunities, leveraging cutting-edge technology. My HubSpot Certification optimized our approach, while my Extended DISC training provides me with a deep understanding of human behavior, enabling me to adapt to the nuances of each prospect. At my core, I aspire to be more than just an average SDR. 

Katie Roberts

Katie Roberts - The Glue

When you’re in a competitive sales culture like ours, and the cats need herding, I like to think that I’m the glue that holds it together. I like being the point of contact for our clients (I like people – a lot), but my mission is also to stay on top of the books, keep the right materials on hand for every session, running the calendars for the team and, oh yeah, the biggie – keeping Tim in line! 


A believer in the Sandler process, Katie is the encouraging voice to all that enter the Trustpointe program.

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