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Trustpointe, Inc. | Indianapolis, IN

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The Trustpointe Team

Trusted Advisors since 1998

Tim Roberts

A voracious reader and committed to process, Tim Roberts elevates his trustees to believe in their equal business stature.

Amy Woodall

A product of the product, Amy slaps audiences with realization and appreciation of each individual's striking difference.

Chris Roberts

A long time Sandler student, Chris leads by example facilitating the move beyond mediocrity to best-in-class performance.

Amanda Fisher

A respected leader, Amanda inspires original thinking as she trains organizations to effectively motivate and empower their most indispensable asset - the humans within.  

David Inman

As a former Sandler student who tripled his income in under three years, David has thoroughly tested and proven how powerful the right selling system is and is ready to teach it to others.

Katie Roberts

A believer in the Sandler process, Katie is the encouraging voice to all that enter the Trustpointe program.

Candice Baggett

Candice Baggett serves as the Trustpointe Director of Operations. She has a passion for organizational and program management, helping sales teams and managers get the most out of their Sandler Training investment. At Trustpointe she implements processes and executes strategies to help teams on their road to excellence.

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